F1 encouraged survey results confirmed “vibes” about fanbase

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The results of the F1 Global Survey commissioned by Motorsport Network in partnership with F1 and Nielsen Sports were released ahead of the United States Grand Prix after responses from more than 167,000 fans in 187 different countries.

The survey revealed that F1’s audience is becoming younger and more diverse. The average age of respondents fell from 36 in 2017 to 32, while female participation almost doubled over the past four years.

There was also a rise in the number of fans who had been following F1 for five years or less, showing particular growth in markets such as the United States, India, China and Mexico.

Domenicali called the positive figures in these results “the most encouraging and most important push that we need to keep in our wave for the future”.

“I think diversity and getting younger audiences will enable us to enrich, in terms of being able to capture the attention of more people,” Domenicali added.

“That’s really something that we’ve seen [happen with] the effect of having the right language, the right narrative and the right tools that are closer to the way the younger generation are working and behaving.

“That’s really something that we’re going to push even harder in that respect.”

A fan with a US flag in a grandstand

A fan with a US flag in a grandstand

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

F1 has placed a greater focus on its digital output since its acquisition by Liberty Media in early 2017, as well as expanding into areas such as enhanced live streaming.

The Drive to Survive Netflix documentary has also played a significant role in bringing new fans to watch F1, particularly in the United States.

“For sure Drive to Survive had a big impact, mainly on the ones that were not really so avid fans of Formula 1,” Domenicali said.

“They saw different narratives with regards to that sport. For sure it had a positive impact.”

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Domenicali said the younger fanbase would had an influence on the offering F1 would provide to fans at grands prix, noting a similar shift in the age of those attending races.

“That is pushing us also to think about what we are already planning, to have incredible events when people are coming here [to races],” Domenicali said.

“Of course it’s a matter of pricing, but it’s a matter of what we are going to offer in the pricing that we are going to give to the people that are coming here.

“We have great plans to the future. Hopefully COVID will be behind us soon so we can really live the excitement physically live at the track.

“This is something we are going to take into consideration. But it’s good to see that the vibes and the feeling we are having are confirmed by this research.”



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